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Butler Winery is a Special Place.

Butler Winery is a special place for many reasons. It’s the topography. Grapes like to be high and dry; we sit 300 feet above the floor of the Bean Blossom Valley. Cold air settles down into the valley, protecting us from late spring frost. It’s also our thin, low nutrient soil that lets the vines struggle just a little to produce well-flavored grapes. And it’s the climate. Like Goldilocks, we’re neither too hot nor too cold to ripen mature fruit. We’re just right. Finally it’s our people, bring years of experience, innovation, and attention to detail, who make up the final piece of the puzzle. On your next visit, pause for a moment and soak in the special qualities of Butler Winery.

Beautiful Places Make Great Wine.

Butler Winery and Vineyards sits in a beautiful location, high atop Dolan Ridge on the southern flank of the Bean Blossom Valley. The winery and vineyards lie within the Indiana Uplands AVA (American Viticultural Area). An AVA is a federally delineated area producing grapes and wine that are distinctly different from the area surrounding the AVA itself. While some people think we are “in the middle of nowhere,” to us, it’s the perfect location to grow grapes. It’s a beautiful drive to the winery any time of year.

In Wine Making Size Doesn’t Matter.

Most of the great wines of the world come from small producers who have learned to plant the right varieties of grapes in the right locations. That is the model we have followed while establishing our vineyards and winery. Locally grown fruit, experience, dedication, and competence bring it all together.