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Our Wines

Dry Wines

2016 Butler Vineyards Chardonel

This dry white from estate grown grapes is aged in French oak yet has nice fruitiness on the palate followed by a lovely, lingering finish. Excellent paired with chicken, fish, or pasta with a creamy sauce. Silver medal winner at the 2016 Indy International! $19.99

Seyval Blanc

Crisp, clean & fruity dry white with a melon & grapefruit character. Sauv Blanc drinkers, check this one out.  SOLD OUT

White Select

Similar in style to a Pinot Grigio, this slightly off-dry light bodied wine is made from Cayuga grapes, the fruitier daughter of Seyval. Lots of fruit flavor and the crisp finish pairs well with salads and lighter meals like chicken, fish and pork. $12.99

Red Select

This fruity and oh so drinkable lighter bodied dry red is made with Marchel Foch. This is a food and friend optional wine, but it does pair particularly well with pasta. $12.99


Dry red blend made from our own Chambourcin, and Vidal. Aged in French oak barrels for six months. Still a tad young but so very good, it will sell out quickly! $17.99

Semi-Dry Wines

2017 Butler Vineyards Chambourcin Rosé

A lovely drier rosé wine made from our early picked Chambourcin. Perfect patio partner. Wonderful aromas and flavors of strawberries, kiwi and a hint of grapefuit. $17.99

2016 Butler Vineyards Vidal Blanc

Citrus and papaya aromas. Light body with dry finish. Crisp and refreshing. Pinot Grigio drinkers will definitely dig this! $15.99

Semi-Sweet Wines

2016 Butler Vineyards Traminette

Indiana's signature grape, Traminette, has a Gewurtztraminer parentage. The typical floral character really comes through in the aroma. Silver medal winner at 2017 Indy International! $15.99

2016 Butler Vineyards Vignoles

Butler Vineyards estate grown Vignoles. Delicate honeysuckle and pear aromas. Light tropical finish. Great with salads, salmon and sushi! $15.99

Yellowwood White

This semisweet blend of Cayuga and our own Vignoles has a nice hint of sweetness on the tip of the tongue, light peachy character, and a slightly tart finish. A perfect balance. Silver medal winner at 2017 Indy International! $12.99

Yellowwood Red

A blend of Baco Noir and Marchel Foch, this wine is bursting with a fresh berry & cherry character. A low-tannin, fruity red wine that is easy and pleasing to the palate. $12.99

Southshore White

Made from 100% Vidal. Fruity, light & refreshing. A good stair-step in sweetness between our Yellowwoods & the Vineyard sweet and grapy series. Silver medal winner at 2017 Indy International!! $12.99

Sweet and Fruit Wines

Vineyard White

A light grapy wine made from Catawba. Just like eating grapes off the vine complete with the distinctive grapeskin zing on the finish. Moscato drinkers love this! Silver medal winner at 2017 Indy International!! $9.99

Vineyard Rosé

A blend of Catawba, Concord and Chambourcin gives this wine its gorgeous pink color and fresh and grapy character. Enjoy with Asian cuisine or barbecue. Gold medal winner at 2017 Indy International!! $9.99

Vineyard Red

A sweet red wine with medium body and a luscious Concord grape character. Enjoy with sharp cheeses, pizza or chocolate. One of our biggest sellers! Gold medal winner at 2017 Indy International!!  $9.99


Light, lovely sweet and apple-y! Serve it warm with seasonal spices or chilled with cheese and crackers for an easy picnic snack. Mix the Apple 50/50 with our Blackberry to make our world-famous Blapple! $9.99


Our newest fruit wine! Sweet and juicy, just like biting into a fresh-picked peach. $9.99


Tastes like mom's homemade preserves. This sweet-tart fruit wine is just like a blackberry and will be sure to make your mouth water. Our most popular wine! Silver medal winner at the 2017 Indy International! $12.99


Superb, rich blueberry character. Made from Northern Indiana grown blueberries. An excellent dessert wine that even dry wine drinkers will enjoy and a lovely wine with cheesecake. Our second biggest seller and a Gold medal winner at the Indy International, two years running! $12.99

Black Currant

The only currant wine in Indiana! This wine has the distinctive rich and savory aroma and amazingly sweet tart flavor of currants. Very limited production, sorry no discounts. SOLD OUT

Specialty Wines

2017 Butler Vineyards Late Harvest Vignoles (375 mL)

Vignoles grapes harvested late season can produce some wonderfully high sugars and a very rich fruit character. This naturally sweet wine really shows the elegance of the Vignoles grape. Flavors of juicy peach, tart pineapple and a rich honeyed finish. $17.99

2016 Butler Vineyards Terra Rossa (750mL)

 This ruby port-style is made from our own Chambourcin from the 2016 harvest. A blend of four barrels, this rich wine has warm aromas of cherry flavors. Round and smooth with a spicy finish. Great aging potential. 20% alcohol. $24.99

Cassis Noir (375mL)

As if currants aren't flavorful enough, we've taken Black Currant wine & added grape brandy. Similar in style to a port. And it pairs oh so well with dark chocolate. This is also an excellent cooking wine; we suggest to use our Cassis in place of port wine in glazes and sauces. Very limited production, sorry no discounts. Sold Out