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Grape Picking

Harvest days begin with coffee and doughnuts. Nothing but good ol' caffeine and sugar to get the body going! We start at dawn, just as the soft light begins to peak through the vines. We hand pick every single grape cluster in the vineyard.

Buckets of grapes are t [More]

Planting New Vines in the Old Vineyard

Spring in the vineyard is the time for new growth and renewal. Over time individual vines succumb to the brutality of nature and become, as we say, “permanently dormant”.  Every few years or so, when the blank spaces in the rows begins to become noticeable, we replace those deceased vines. Thus we spent the first weekend in May planting replacement vines.  We had receive the new vine cuttings (285 in all) from the nursery two weeks prior to planting, but as so [More]