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Whether you are an experienced brewer or starting a new hobby, we have everything you need to get started.

Brewing and wine making equipment kits, Brewer’s Best ingredient kits, Winexpert ingredient kits, Dried & Liquid malt extracts, Pellet hops, Hop rhizomes (in the springtime), Whole (or crushed) malts, Adjunct grains, Dried & Liquid Wine & Beer Yeast, Brewer’s Best & Polarware Stainless Steel Kettles, Kegging equipment, Bottling equipment, Cleansers, Siphon tubing, Air locks, Funnels, Buckets, Carboys, Gallon jugs, Caps, Corks, Fining agents, Filters, Fruit flavorings, Beer guns, Fruit Press, Cappers & Corkers And much, much more!

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Butler’s Original Beer Ingredient Packages

We have our own ingredient kits & they have proven to be very popular.
Below is a list of the kits we’ve created, along with all the recipes & instructions:

Looking for the newest hop varieties?

View our list of 100+ hop varieties in pdf format. Listed pricing is per ounce.

We stock over 85 varieties of malt and specialty grains!

View our selection of malts in pdf format. Listed pricing is per pound. We also offer a 20% discount off full sacks of malts. Email us for details or to place an order.